Why do you promote no video exercises?

I’m using SYSTM because it has really inspiring, beautiful and funny videos. Fortunately there is a lots of them, for every occasion, but why do you add no video exercises to my training plan (MTB Marathon)? One for almost every week. “Recovery Ride 30min”!? if you have lots of Inspiration movies. I don’t do no vid exercises. I try to find something similar. If I do so, I feel it will devaluate SYSTM training plan :confused:

So why do you promote no video exercises?


I’m in the same boat and posted as much after I first joined SYSTM over a year ago. I came from Trainerroad (no vids) and ZWIFT’s virtual riding to Wahoo because of the vids and 4DP plans. I did the assessment, loaded up a plan as was surprised/disappointed when I ran into a no-vid workout. I subsequently found out about the mini-player button (small square frame at the top right of the workout screen) that allows overlaying the workout info over other apps. So now, for a no-vid, I cue up an appropriate video in youtube (usually mtb POV), get my music going, and start the workout. It’s a minor pita, but it works. This is also useful when redoing a workout and not wanting to see the same vid again. You can turn off the vid in settings and watch something else using the mini-player. That said, I’d be happier if there were no no-vids.

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I would assume it’s because there are users who do like No Vid workouts and as such they cater for both types of users.

I find the science of the workouts to be the invaluable aspect of SYSTM, not the videos. And as such, I see the videos detract from the science of the workout which could devalue said video workouts.

Can you accept that it’s different strokes for different folks?

I never watch the videos more once, and cannot see why someone would want to watch a re-run. However I accept that there are users who like to watch re-runs and that is great.

Not watching videos is the same as you not wanting to do a no-vid workout.

Something for everyone.


Hi @EEro and welcome to the forum.

It’s perfectly fine to change workouts for the ones that you prefer. It does not devaluate the training plan.

At the moment I’m following a mountainous Fondo plan, but have swapped four rides with the February Challenge rides so I can earn that badge. I pick workouts with similar TSS and/or IF and/or focus (MAP, FTP) to make sure it is pretty much in line with the plan.

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It’s absolutely fine to swap a No Vid recovery ride with an Inspiration recovery ride. You can make any swaps you like, as it is your plan. I will say that some of the No vids are brilliant because of the information and science they contain. Just load up a video behind it and off you go.


Any workout can be a no-vid because the vid can easily be turned off for any workout in the settings box that pops up at the start of a workout. So, you can watch the vid, do the workout as a no-vid, or watch something else if you prefer.

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I do lots of the no-vid workouts because there are a lot of them that aren’t matched by any workouts that do have videos. And I can also ride the no-vid workouts while watching something else like GCN or YouTube, etc. Heck, you can ride any workout (or a no-vid) while riding along to RGT or ZZ^^ft.

Some days I ride Open 30 as a recovery ride. Some days I’d rather do Recovery Spin with no video at all.

Plus, no-vids can be easily imported into a head unit to ride with on the road.

And it takes a lot of time and effort and money to create videos. But creating a no-vid is quick and allows a wide variety of other workouts to be added to the library. And then you can supply your own music and video (if you choose to).

They’re also great for mental strength. Because in a race you don’t have a separate video and you usually can’t ride with headphones or music, either. So, I’ve found them invaluable for being mentally race ready.

So… different strokes for different folks. Different reasons. Different methods.


The various progressions is the key with the no-vids for me. Would be hard to replicate those with videos easily.

That said, I’m curious how many times Endurance 6 has been completed (by anyone).

I’ve ridden Endurance 2, 3, 4, and 5.

But not 6. :thinking:

Don’t forget Endurance+, Endurance 1.5, Endurance 2.5, Endurance 3.5, and Endurance 4.5!

Endurance 1-5 all have periodic changes in power targets for a little variety. Endurance 6 is constant power for the entire ride (excluding 5 min. wu/cd). That will train you for something.


I’ve also ridden Endurance+, Endurance 1.5, and Endurance 2.5.

Endurance 1.5 and Endurance+ are essentially the same, except that their 10 minute 60/65% intervals are switched. And Endurance 2.5 ends abruptly without a 5 minute cool down section.

Thanks. That’s very insightful. I’m not sure how relevant it is. Glad you stated the obvious. :fist_right:t2:

For the past 4 years, every video/no-vid workout is a no video workout for me. Even to the extent of music off, storyline off and sometimes sounds off. As I said earlier, different strokes for different folks.

If you pick up on the nuance of having two types of workouts, there must be a good reason to have turned a no-Vid workout (MAP micro intervals 3 sets: 40/20’s) into a SUF (Rue the Day) workout (with video).

The response to RtD when it was released was formidable yet it existed in it’s non video format for a long while before that.

The expense to produce the no-vid variation could be a likely reason why no-vid workouts exist. Has to be way more cost effective to produce than an accompanying video. The science remains the same.

I am here for the science.

Yep. I believe the science behind 4DP tests and plans is good. I don’t think there’s any related science that precludes having a video during the workouts. Of course it’s way cheaper to create a workout with no vid than with one, especially the Sufferfest style vids with their workout-sync’ed commentary/quips and clips. I would certainly like that for all workouts, but there are workouts where the vids just more-or-less run in the background, which is still better than no-vid, IMO. Having videos was one of the main reasons I subscribed to SYSTM in the first place. In any case, the mini-player provides a relatively straightforward means of having some visual distraction to help slightly alleviate the tedium of indoor training.


Yes I like the no video workouts very much as I can watch something else while doing the sessions e.g. I am revisiting Game of Thrones at the moment. I often take a workout from the Wahoo library and do it with video playback disabled… It so great to have choice

You have plenty of choice. You can turn the video off on any workout that has a vid and choose to watch anything else you’d like. You’ll still get the workout prompts, targets, graphs, etc… or turn those off too.