Workout Intervals Detail

Is there a place you can go to see the interval information detail for workouts? I’m looking for something showing the length and % of FTP or whatever it is based on.

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The actual breakdown by interval isn’t available but the graph gives you a pretty good sense of it. The only way to see exactly what you’re looking for is to open the vid and take a look. You can pause and scrub forward. I’ve done this on more than one occasion.

The NoVid workouts have the breakdown you’re looking for. It’s in the “Details” section when you look at the workout.

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Thanks for the ideas. Not really all that important, but sometimes I like to know what is coming.


Hopefully it will be added, I also like to see what’s coming with more details :frowning:

I agree that more information about the intervals would be helpful. Even during the session user does not know if next interval will be 10s or 30s and at exactly what wattage (300? 350?..). The graph is nice but only for high level picture without details.

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Indeed. New here from TR last season, and I’d reaaaally like to scrub through a workout preview to see all the numbers.