Cycling, Strength, Yoga sequence

What is the proper sequence when Cycling, Strength, and Yoga are present in the calendar on the same day? Is at they show up in the calendar?



I’m interested in the replies but I normally go with

  1. Strength
  2. Cycling
  3. Yoga

I believe I have read when following a plan that ads all of them, do them in sequence like in the calendar.

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I always go with:

  1. Yoga
  2. STR
  3. Bike

There’s bound to be exceptions if the yoga is something that sounds explicitly like it’s meant to be afterwards from its name.

Even then I still do an activation yoga before Str

The reason for this is

  • I find it is important to use some yoga to loosen things up and during any yoga video I always insert a set of hip openers, whether it’s hip openers or not, and then that sets up STR nicely with less chance of injury albeit it’s only bodyweight work.
  • And doing STR before bike is so that I can get the best form and benefit out of STR work (and again reduce injury by doing STR when exhausted from riding)

(but I’m not a coach and this may complete tosh)

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Thanks for the replies. I’ll follow the plan as sequenced in the calendar but I particularly like your explanation and logic.


Remember to check the cycle workout for coach notes - some are deliberately set before strength, most after.

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Hi, in this link you will find the answers about timing you yoga workout depending on the time of the day and desired outcome

Hi all,
The order that the workouts appear on your calendar is the order that they’re meant to be performed.
Occasionally we find one out of sorts, but as a rule, follow the order that they appear on your calendar.
If you’d like to do extra yoga sessions, similar to how @Martin chooses to do a yoga before strength, I’d recommend one of the Activation, mobility or stability routines. Save the recovery focused ones for afterwards.
The cycling session planned for the day is what dictates whether you do the ride or the strength first. If the cycling session is cadence builds, standing starts or any other workout that includes neuromuscular activation (high or low cadence work), you can get away with doing it before OR after strength, but the recommendation is generally after. As @Martin has said, we want you to do the strength while you’re fresh, which reduced risk of injury, if there is any. Cycling is lower risk when your legs are fatigued. If you have a recovery spin scheduled, then you should do that AFTER strength, as a cool-down/active recovery tool.

One extra note- If you have strength scheduled on your calendar but no yoga before it, I would choose one of the following options to help get warmed up for the strength session:
1- an activation/mobility focused yoga routine
2- a dynamic warmup consisting of bodyweight movements like squats, lunges, spiderman, inchworm, lateral squats, shoulder rolls, etc.
3- a light-moderate 5-10 minute spin or other form of light activity of your choice.


Hi @Coach.Suzie.S
Question on Facebook that relates to this old thread - specifically on the timing of a ride workout after a STR workout - soon after, much later after etc.
Any advice you can add?