Yoga - selection of recovery

I was wondering if there are any special ideas ith the recovery workouts:

Post workout Cool-Down
Recovery Booster
Stretching after suffering
Taking the soreness out of suffering

From what I read, they’re all good after a hard ride, to boost recovery.
Are they “just” 4 different routines that does the same, in a bit different way? Or is one better for one specific recovery?

Keep suffering!

Hey @JacobPilgaaard,
All of our yoga recovery videos are aimed at the same goal with slight variations among them to introduce different poses which aid your body’s ability to recover from hard training. No one is better than the other although you might have preferences. They are all worth trying.
Let us know which ones work for you.

Thx for your Quick reply.
That’s what I was thinking too.
I’ve been using them in a rotation when ever I had a recovery session.
They’re all good, but I feel that they could be a bit longer than 15 minutes :sunglasses:
I know that would kinda mess things up with the whole Yoga15 mission :wink:

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Excellent! You could rewind the video at any point before final resting pose (my favorite) to make it a longer if you’d like.

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Hi, I do alot of yoga before and after and rest days. Help with everything from pease of mind, flexibility, strength, balancing muscles,…

Are there any workout for TI band flexibility? It is one muscles that get tense quickly and need extra attention. I did not found any that is targeting this muscles.


Hey @Yanick,
The IT band is not really a muscle but a band of connective tissue. Our yoga and strength sessions work on preventing issues with the IT band (IT band syndrome)
Here’s a well written article the explains the IT band and how to work the surrounding muscles to prevent Injury/tightness

Hope this help!


Hi, thank you for your article and yes the source of the problem is not the IT band but imbalance with surrounding muscles.

I know that I have imbalance glutes, is there any guidelines to follow when trying to correct that imbalance? Ex: on the strength training should I do a few reps more on the weaker muscle?

Maybe a question for Aby, what set of yoga sessions are best suited to stretch the surrounding muscle?


My recommendation would be to see a local physio so you can get some good in person coaching to address your issues. In lieu of that, adding a SUF strength and yoga program into your training plan is a good general way to address overall balance.
Here’s an article from Abi:

Thank you for the advice and the great article’s. Reading the article from Abi got me thinking if you can get quick some improvement/benefits by starting yoga and strength workouts constantly each week, you can lose those benefits if you stop for a long period of time. (Few weeks, months)Probably variable for each athlete.