Yoga and Static Stretching

From what I have gathered from several sources, static stretching is not a good idea for cyclists, whether done in a warm-up or as ride recovery. How does this relate to the stretching done in yoga?

@Heretic Seems to me that the yoga program is more dynamic in nature. Abi is usually pretty clear about not forcing things and also to keep breathing throughout the movements. Depending on the program she also does a good warmup routine to get the body primed for the routine. I have been doing the yoga fairly regularly and have had very few issues and nothing major. Generally I do yoga post ride and/or strength.

Hi, I’d suggest trying the actual sessions, as I think that will reassure you that they aren’t static stretches, and absolutely not trying to force moves or poses.

There to many of us that have realised the benefits.

I have done some of the sessions, and some of the stretches look like static stretches.

@Heretic Yes - there are definitely some that lean more towards static but I think most of the stuff is dynamic. I think that static is generally defined as a a longer hold - 10 to 15 seconds. There are very few of those that I have encountered. In general I do the yoga after a workout and my muscles are already warm so it generally works better. If you are worried about it just try to keep moving around and breathing during the stretch.

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