Yoga workout name differs between calendar and workouts

I’m starting a new All-Purpose road plan and am downloading the videos ahead of time. I made a list of all the workouts and am now searching them in the app (there’s been a lot of topics on calendar functionality, and for this as well: downloading straight from the calendar would be a huge help, thanks).

There are however some yoga workouts that I can’t find in the app:
Side Bends (which leads to 'Taking the soreness out of suffering)
Super Easy Stretch Routine III (which leads to ‘Stretching after suffering’)
Yoga for Travel (which leads to ‘Yoga in Couchlandria: On the road’)

Just a heads up that it’s quite confusing for people searching for workouts to download ahead of time as you can only download workouts by searching them in the workouts tab specifically.

I’m not going to open every calendar item, start the video, verify the actual workout title, stop and close the workout, delete the activity and then go and search the actual name in the workouts tab to download. Just a pet peeve.

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It would also help if you could download the video from the calendar or your Home page.

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I was just searching for the same thing and came along this topic.
I was wondering if these were some old workouts that can no longer be downloaded.
Obviously not.

Sorry about the confusion here. It is an issue we are aware of and looking to resolve. The video you get sent to is the correct one to do on your plan :person_in_lotus_position: