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The latest full body workout video suggested I do an extra yoga session. I think it said “Recovery Booster”. But I can’t find any way to find that session in the SYSTM app. How do I do that?

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Go to the Library, tap Yoga, search for recovery, once you find recovery booster you can download it to play later or stream it right away.

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Thanks. I tried looking in the library but it only showed a few cycling workouts. I tried typing in “yoga” but it said there were no matching results. I was on my iPad at the gym where they have poor WiFi. I tried again when I got home and I had the same problem. I tried my iMac and lo and behold, I was able to see all the workouts! I also tried on my MacBook, but I didn’t have SYSTM installed on it. When I did install it and logged in and clicked on Library, I see the Explore by Channel page, but it’s completely blank. I thought maybe it had to sync with a server for things to show up, but it’s been sitting for over 20 minutes and still nothing. Meanwhile I went back to my iPad and everything started showing up there. Seems like there’s some caching issue or the app isn’t able to pull the data down from the server. At least I have it working on my iPad and iMac.

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There are 2 versions of the app for Mac. There’s an Intel one and an Apple Silicon one. Are you sure you got the right one for your MacBook?

Also, when searching for Yoga, your best bet is to tap the yoga card rather than explore by channel as the yoga vids aren’t in a channel atm

There are 51 videos in the yoga section. If you can’t see them, then it sounds like something is up!

I’d put in a call to the minions!

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Before calling the minions, delete and redownload the app. That often solves problems like this.

When you go to the Library, it should look like this:

(That’s the top part on an iPhone.)

If you click on yoga (it’s a little lower down than my screenshot), you’ll see this:

There a lot of videos! You can use the filter (near the top) to help you narrow down why you want.

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Thanks everyone. I made sure I’m running the Intel Mac version. Yeah, there is something going on. I noticed something else, when I open the Homepage on my MacBook, I see my schedule at the top of the page but the bottom of the page is blank. On my iMac and (now) on my iPad there is a list of videos. I’m going to open a support ticket, just in case this is happening to others.

Thanks for all your help!


Also delete and reinstall if you haven’t yet. Like @AkaPete says, it often resolves funky glitches, as does logging out and back on.


I spoke with the minions and they said there may have been a problem with the app. I reinstalled and haven’t had trouble since.

Thanks everyone!