Matching workouts from zwift

good evening,

the next days i am staying in a hotel,

and there bikes are zwift compatible,

as I do want to train, because I am in the middle of my tt and crit plan, and next week is my hf.

i cant see on zwift, so far I know, the map, ac ,ftp values.
should I look for matching workouts at tss?
workouts planned:
team scream, blender, defender, high cadence…
thanks in advanced

If they’re Zwift compatible, then you might well be able to connect the SYSTM to them via Bluetooth? I would ask the hotel what sort of bikes they have, if they don’t know most hotels usually have a photo on their website showing their gym where you may be able to identify what bikes they have.

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If you cannot use the bikes directly in SYSTM could you use Jessica’s FIT exporter to create file for import into ZWIFT? (Not sure if you need to convert FIT to ZWO before importing to ZWIFT?)

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