4DP and The outside world

I m back to Sufferlandria. I came in through the SYSTM portal and hit the hardest way in:

Full Frontal…

My outside FTP is about 300 Watt-ish and 4DP says it 274Watt. Ok, enough relevant topics to explain that difference, so no worries.

The only problem I have is, in my TrainingPeaks account I now have two FTP s, The default (outside) one and a custom (SYSTM) one.

Given the relative mild winters here ( Netherlands ) I expect to ride a fair amount outside and upload my rides outside as default. The SYSTM one’ s will be custom workouts.

Will the TSS calculated from the default rides and the SYSTM ride add up and still give me the right information ?

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Good question Sir @ArnoKOS! I have no idea but it’s nice to see u again in any case.

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Thank you, sir @Glen.Coutts. Enjoying a really long and dry summer season and riding up to 11000km thus far this year.

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Sweet!!! We’ve had a good dry season here too until just recently. It was with some measure of pride I’d been telling people I haven’t ridden indoors since April.

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