4DP Results not showing


Long time Sufferer - first time caller :slight_smile:

I did FF today (first time through SYSTM rather than SUF). I received the tcx file, but didn’t get the usual FF Test Results Summary email - is this no longer a feature or has something else happened?

Also… I might have made a mistake in that i rewound and re-did the second sprint as my pedal unclipped when launching both sprints :confused: not sure if this has messed up the usually seamless journey through the Agonian wilderness?

When I check in the SYSTM app the numbers in the 4DP profile seem to have updated (although there isn’t a testing date field, so I’m not 100% sure), the chart below shows different numbers (I think from the previous test i did on SUF app).

Also - is there any way to import 4DP history in to SYSTM as I used to really like that feature from SUF to track how thin

Any help would be gratefully received!