4DP Test Result transfer to Element Bolt


just done my fist Full Frontal 4DP test.
Now I have my baseline results and like to transfer my Hart Rate Zones and Power Zones to my Wahoo Bolt.

For the Hart Rate Zones it should easy cause there 5 Zones on 4DP and Bolt.

But for the Power Zones 4DP have 4 and Bolt have 6-8 Zones and I’m not sure how to convert. Or should I just use calculate zones automatically by FTP.

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At this time, the ELEMNT (ROAM and BOLT) computers are not using the 4DP power profile and rather are just FTP based. You can adjust the FTP and the zones in the Companion App (iOS or Android), but as you pointed out, you won’t be able to use 4DP on the Bolt.

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