4DP test result

So where do I select the workouts / plans that I should be doing based on my 4DP test results?

Or do I just select a training plan myself that best describes the weakness according to the 4DP test?

I think any plan gets tailored to your weaknesses/strengths. You should also get a report with a few workout suggestions.

Correct, ANY plan that you select - usually based on goals, time availability, etc. - will be tailored to address your specific strengths and weaknesses from 4DP. Only way around it is to manually do building block weeks targeting specific areas. Or just select your own videos.

Ok cool.

So I guess it’s time to change my high-volume tempo plan to high-volume FTP plan. It looks quite nasty based on the preview so I hope I won’t overtrain :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are set on doing building block plans, focusing on MAP will also have the happy consequence of raising your FTP (from what I’ve read and heard from the SUF Scientists, by raising the MAP floor, you raise the FTP ceiling or something sciencey sounding like that)

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@Xtina Just so we’re clear, regardless of what plan you’re in, your 4DP results and rider “style” will tailor that plan to best address your strengths and weaknesses. So you could do a high-volume tempo plan, and it’s still going to slant more towards more FTP/MAP workouts to address your weaknesses (if those are the weaknesses). A high-volume tempo plan for me might look very different. (though it sounds like not, since FTP/MAP are my weaknesses).

@Glen.Coutts Correct on MAP + FTP. And MAP efforts suuuuuuuck (says the sprinter working to improve MAP, FTP, and VO2MAX).

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The FTP block plan may push you pretty hard, but it shouldn’t be enough to get you into an overtrained state unless you’re making a drastic jump in volume and/or intensity, or you don’t take sufficient recovery time after the high volume FTP plan, before beginning whatever plan you decide to do next. Remember you don’t adapt to the stimulus of a workout or plan without sufficient recovery time!