Sprints:12 x 10s

Can someone help me out here. I am doing Sprints: 12 x 10S tonight. The note at the top of the page says 2 hrs 15 min. Now I work in finance so my math skills are pretty good, and the detailed description at the bottom of the page isn’t close to that long.

5 min warm-up
12 x 10s followed by a 5:50 recover = 72 min
10 min cool down

The way I add, that is just 87 min which is 48 min shy of 2 hrs 15 min. What’s up with that?

Looking at the actual workout, it appears that the recoveries are actually 9:50 minutes long. There is a discrepancy between the workout description and the workout details.

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i just started running it to see what it actually is. The warm-up is 10 minutes, not five and it just kicked over to the first effort. You are correct, 10 min each, not 6. Thanks.

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