Mountain Fondo

Just thought I’d thank all at Wahoo for your excellent training plans and also provide some feedback for those considering the ‘Mountain Fondo’ plan. I found this forum invaluable when I started first with Wahoo X, so I’m paying it forward here.

After six months of consistent training, I recently completed a 210km, 3,250m Fondo and absolutely smashed it. I felt strong finishing, and had I needed to, I could have easily gone much further at a similar strong pace. Although a little fatigued later that evening, I didn’t feel too tired. There was a small amount of tightness in my hamstrings and glutes, but really nothing more than that - it disappeared by the next morning.

My training was as follows…

After my first ‘Full Frontal Prep’ week, I completed the ‘All Purpose’ plan with moderate volume and 3:1 progression. Then I took a week off and started ‘Mountain Fondo’ with high volume and 3:1 progression. In tandem, I completed strength level training 1 and 2.

So for those out there wondering if the plans work, yes they do, and very well. The key is to follow them consistently, don’t deviate or add extra volume etc.


That’s really reassuring to here! I’m using that plan now for a 2-day event at the start of July (290km/2200m from London to Paris, split between 110km and 180km each day)) and there’s a part of me that is wondering if I’ll be able to do it.

I have done some adjustments to the plan because of travel and work, and my long rides on the weekend are getting longer than the plan (e.g. 5-6 hours rides instead of the 4hrs) because I want to make sure to be able to do at least 80% of the long ride before the event. Do you think that’s not advisable?


Remember to SLOWLY build to that distance though. No more than 10% prr week and keep speed constant.


Coincidentally, I’ve cycled London to Paris a few years ago. Relatively speaking, its a flattish route, so the Mountain Fondo plan will more than prepare you.

I’m not a coach, but I suspect they would say there is no need to add extra time to your scheduled long rides, unless you want to dial in your nutrition perhaps. From memory, they say it just builds fatigue…but please put this question directly to the coaches for an informed opinion.

My longest ride in the plan was a five hour Z2 ride, but I completed 8 hours in the saddle on the big day with no issues whatsoever…and quite frankly I could have cycled more.

If you stick consistently to the plan, you’ll be more than ready for L2P - it’s very good. Good luck!


I have often heard that 10% (or 20% ) increase maximum per week. The century training plans do not do that. They increase by half hour increments at the minimum.

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It’s good to hear success stories from fellow Sufferlandrians here, and even more so when I am doing the same Mountain Fondo plan in preparation for the 2023 L’etape Johor.


That is distance. You can increase time and still be within distance. It’s also a great idea to dial in nutrition and hydration way before your event.


Agreed about the hydration and nutrition.

If only want to increase distance 10%, and the plan wants you ride a half hour more, you are probably going to go much slower than you did before. It would seem better to ride at the event pace, but then you wind up riding much further than a 10% distance increase.

Can concur. I love the mountain fondo plan. I used it to prepare for Liege-Bastogne-Liege (255km 4,500m) and it was a blast.

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It’s interesting, but the level of effort isn’t the same between Endurance 2 and 4. I don’t know the science behind that
Sir James

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I would guess that it is an artifact of repeating the pattern enough times to get two more hours, no science involved.

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I’m happy to say the Mountain Fondo plan prepared me incredibly well for the L2P ride, physically and mentally. When the going got tough, especially on the London-Newhaven leg, I called on all the things I practiced during the training plan. And I finished it representing in last year’s DPF jersey :slight_smile:


Awesome! Well done @rinaf!
How was the ride overall?


it was great. Not sure I would do it again (at least not try to do it in 24 hours – I feel like we were so focused on that, I didn’t get to enjoy the scenery, etc.), but I’m glad I did it.