A week with - Can these be done out of order?

I mean, obviously they can be done out of order, but is there a consistent storyline or training benefit that only makes sense if they’re done in the correct order?

Just looking at Sir Neal’s week and he’s got a mix of long and short rides with varying intensity. I’m sure this all makes for a great training week on its own, but us triathletes have other sports to attend to! I might have a run after or want to move the easy/hard days around depending on what else is going on in the calendar.


Good question. Following.

I’ve done many of the “a week with” videos (just a few left) in no particular order, changing between Sir Neal and Ian Boswell videos … there are a few references to earlier videos but from what l can tell, they’ve each been mostly good stand-alone so far. Watch the intros.



Sure! You can do them whenever you like. Although they make the most sense in the order they are, they are also solid stand-alone sessions. So if you like the look of one of them, then by all means get stuck in!