Plans for racing every week

Hi all,
in bit more than one week I start the 2nd season of the Zwift Racing League, and we race once a week (on Tuesday evenings).
I’ve looked up the plans for eRacing, they are developed with a “main” race as the target at the end of the block, which never happens in indoor racing. And they do the usual “race week tapering”.
But if I do this race week tapering, I’ll be tapering all the 8 weeks :slight_smile:
Any suggestions on how I can plan my weeks?


I’m doing the same as you. I’ve been doing the esports racing plan since early December, with encouraging results for my FTP and in season 1/Xmas Zwift races. I try to move the training days around a little so that Tuesday sometimes aligns with one of the “practice race” days (obv I do the Zwift race instead) and I make sure to do something easy on the Monday, or take the day off. It seems to work ok for me. I’m 56 and racing low B last season so I’m a seasoned cyclist and Zwift racer but I also find i need to listen to my body more now and take days off when I’m feeling tired. You may be a 22 year old elite for all I know but this is my experience :slight_smile:

I’ll also say that my sleep is important - don’t force training days if you don’t sleep well the night before.