Training advice for E Racing


I recently got back on Sufferfest after a 10 year hiatus and am absolutely loving it. Have been on Zwift for a while but found I had no structure and it didnt improve my cycling very much. I just did the Hilly Gran Fondo programme which I enjoyed and it helped me do some hilly riding on holiday.

But now I am keen to do better in races on Zwift and move up to the B category - so trying to work out what plan to do next. Want to do a race once or twice a week so train round that. So wondering if either the E-Racing plan or the US Crits plan given races are not very long at all.

Currently doing the Yoga and strength training and can feel the difference that adds.

Any advice appreciated.



Hi @haggisinreigate,
I would highly recommend one of our eSports Racing plan. Dial it in to your needs and go for it!


I don’t mean to hijack the thread, but I feel that making a separate one would be redundant. This could be a good thread to consolidate lots of information on eRacing.

I’m also interested in eRacing, but I feel like the eSports Racing plan is too low in volume for what I want. If I were to do the Mountainous/Hilly Gran Fondo plan, which workout from Monday to Friday would be the one best converted to an online race? Should I switch the second HIIT workout of the week for a race? That looks to me like a good balance between doing one high-quality HIIT session, one race, and one or two high volume days in the week. Eventually winning some races would be nice, but it’s not the goal. They’re for fun and variety.

Any advice is welcome.

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Like you have suggested, I have created a plan with the Hilly/Mountainous Gran Fondo plan as a base for eRacing. I switched out the session during the week that most closely aligns with a race type effort. I have also switched the general endurance ride for a race with the extra volume/time being added in at recovery pace. This puts a few races sometimes back to back but I was training for a now cancelled event which was three days of racing in a row. I use a two week on/one week recovery plan.

I was going to look at a custom plan to get this properly set out by someone who knows what they are talking about but without a real goal it is hard to be properly motivated. I figure I’ll just do what I have hacked together and see how it goes.