"After the rookie"?

What does this “After The Rookie” mean?

I assume this is part of a plan?
Your calendar should have two rides scheduled for you today: The Rookie, and G.O.A.T

This is a reminder of the order they want you to complete the rides in, so you do The Rookie first and then G.O.A.T after.

No they were/are scheduled on different days.
And tbh, doing The Rookie and this back to back, at 100% setting? Impossible for me, that’s 2 hours of very serious training.

what plan is is that you are on. Some plans will have back to back rides (or rides where you are to do them both the same day). If this was part of a plan and the vids are scheduled on different days, then this is an error.

If you tell me the plan you’re on I can test it out myself and if an error, make a report to the minions.

Threshold Block - Low Volume 3:1

I tried it here myself and I don’t see any mention of that in the newly generated plan in the future (at least not in the preview).

Maybe it’s something that’s only used when having 2 rides on the same day? Then again I can’t imagine having both those heavy workouts on the same day in a low volume training plan.

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I did the Threshold Block - Moderate Volume - 3:1 this summer and had both rides ( the Rookie and then G.O.A.T) back-to-back at the end of week 2. I expect when they adapted the plan for Low volume, the minions moved the ride but didn’t take the note out of G.O.A.T. I’ve raised it as a bug :slight_smile:

And you’re right, those rides back-to-back is not easy! According to my workout notes : “so maybe I did stop halfway through to catch my breath and eat some cheesecake?! anything that gets me through.”


Yep, moved but the coach note hadn’t been taken out. It’s been raised as an issue before apparently, almost a year ago, and yet to be corrected. The minions need minions :stuck_out_tongue: