Do coaches and minions follow and track your progress during a custom plan?

I was enjoying the first 8 weeks of my plan but then tweaked a lower back disc that has been giving me issues for many years (I am hoping to get it cleaned up at some point in my life). And so for the last 2 weeks have kind of blown off the plan and dont know if I will continue the other 2 as this disc heals up. Do coaches/minions monitor their pupils’ progress? If so just wanted to let them know to toss my stats away.

Not exactly, I don’t think, as it wouldn’t really be scaleable. IIRC though, don’t they do checkins with you, one mid-plan and one at the end? One of your discussion topics for your next check-in could be, how best to get back into it safely and healthily after training disruption like this one.

I did the “one contact with the coach” plan. The chat happens right at the very beginning, so there will be no more conversations with him.

@botski If possible you might want to delete the plan and add it again with a new end date once you get back to riding again.

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Not in my experience, except for the actual f2f. I liked the program that was put together, I found the f2f really helpful / interesting.
but I was looking for more ongoing feedback in response to what was happening during the workouts.

Hey Bill,
Sorry to hear about the injury! Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to monitor all our SUF Coached athletes, you can always email us though when you have issues with your plan on and we will do what we can to help.

I have just sent you an email separately to see if there is anything we can do to get you back on track.


Hi Rupert,

Thanks for your reply. I am ok with shifting the plan around in Training Peaks when I heal up.


I totally get why this would be a capacity issue but I also think it would be something that some people would pay for.

I’ve done two custom plans and I enjoyed the f2f meetings at the start and 1/2 way through but ioutside of those two meetings you do realise you are completley on your own. I think it would make a massive difference if you got small bits of feedback that was one-way i.e. not something that opened up the coaches to long drawn out convs with us :slight_smile:

This breings me back to a feature request I made a while back. These small bits of one way feedback could be generated in the app with some analysis of the ride compared to previous rides, 4DP and recent efforts across SUF. That would be totally scaleable although would require some significant engineering investment.

So many of the jokes and encouragement in the app could be tailored to the effort


Hey Patrick, thanks for the feedback and yes we would love to add more interaction along the way if possible. We’re currently exploring a few options of how we can improve the process.
More info soon