Awards "All" Badges. How is your list? 🤔

Finishing Kitchen Sink today gave me my All Suff badge which was one of my goals for 23. Another goal was to keep suffering steadily through spring and summer instead of ditching for months when work gets busy then starting over and overtraining. Limited success there as I didn’t ride much in May and June but I did manage to return to Sufferlandria in July rather than December and I have managed to collect all the Monthly Challenge badges but the first.

The monthly challenge badges have been a big help in keeping me riding. I’ve loved combining those with the Essentials plans and subbing equivalent rides in to help make progress toward the badges I don’t yet have.

My plan is to finish the remaining 3 On Location badges plus All Inspiration by year end. That’ll leave Prorides and Knighthood for 2024…and the pesky Running badge.


Congratulations! I’m right there with you. I used to look at the All Sufferfest badge and think there’d be no way I’d ever do Kitchen Sink, but now it’s done! I also finished All On Location at the end of September and All Pro Rides this month. I had to ride ten of those Pro Rides in October to get that. So, this was a big badge month for me. Time to settle back in to an All Purpose plan for a while.