Back mouse button ruined my Half Monty test 😂

Well, I was trying to scroll to the cooldown before constrained effort in the Half Monty test and accidentally pressed the back button on my mouse (also sometimes referred to as a MOUSE4 button).
This instantly closed the workout window losing all of my sufferings and voiding the test.
Imagine my frustration :slight_smile:

Is there any chance that:

  1. some coaches here could maybe interpret the first part of the test so I can update my 4DP / LTHR?
    I would really appreciate that since I am in the middle of the training plan.
    Here is a link to the activity captured on another device:
    Garmin Connect
  2. developers (minions?) could disable the forward/back button navigation?

Thank you in advance!


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Hi Alex. Welcome to the forum.

I‘m sorry your Half Monty didn‘t go as planned.

Please shoot an eMail to the minions (SUF support) and they will try their best to help you.

Had that happen once, when I closed out and reopened the Sufferfest it brought the workout back up where I was. Worth taking a look at? I also went into the logitech control panel and disabled that button for the program so as to not do that to me ever again.

it brought the workout back up where I was

Looks like that’s not the case for me, there were only 2 options to save or delete the workout.
At least the app did some calculations even with the partial results:

logitech control panel

At first, I was happy to read this but then I’ve remembered that my Logitech mouse died recently and is replaced by an HP one.