Back to suffering ... and crush my golfing goals

Hello Everyone,
I use The Sufferfest from 5 years
I took a 3 month break without a bike after lockdown and started golfing with my wife. I find it very pleasant and challenging . I regularly play once a week a 9 hole and an 18 hole at the weekend.

I miss the bike and especially the physical commitment of the bike. I resumed 2 weeks ago with the Fitness Kickstarter plan and want to continue playing golf. Which is the best strategy or adjusment? Because even if golf i works the upper body and the core, the 2 or 4 hours on the course are not ideal for the recovery needed to reap the benefits of the plan.
Thanks in advance


I think it really depends on your age and fitness level.

I play a lot of golf too and I would only ever consider it to be “active recovery”, it never hits a point where it’s a real stress on the body, at least in terms of allowing your leg and core muscles to recover and not draining more energy.

I have a simulator at home too and in there, if I’m hitting 60, 80, 100 balls in an hour or actively working on my swing in a driving range context for a couple of hours then I can get a sweat on, but for me, at least, I wouldn’t personally be worried about golf interacting with my recovery periods.


Thanks for your reply
I am 51, and at low fitness level.
Fitness KickStarter (I am on week 2) is an average of 4 workouts on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
I play golf on Thursday (9 holes) and Sunday (18 holes). Monday is day off.


I would say with the kick-starter you should be fine as the plan is tues, wed and fri, sat so shouldn’t affect your golf days and recovery. If you wanted an alternative with less rides and more extra components (mental, strength, yoga) you should check out our all-in plans which have a larger focus on this and the benefits will also help your golf.


From experience as a golfer (which is my primary sport):

Yoga, yoga, and more yoga.

Mobilise & Activate before hand (I or II). Loosen Your Lower Back afterwards.

I can recommend MTP for golf, too. Radically changed my approach to the course and has helped me win competitions and reduce my handicap.

Suf is multipurpose!


Thanks for your tips.
Mobilise The Joints is a good one too for golf conditioning


Thereafter, I expect to do a Novice TP.
Should I consider golf as “active recovery” on day off as long as it doesn’t affect my recovery.

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yes that will work :slight_smile:
Happy golfing :golf:


That’s interesting. I’ve never really considered golf as an “active” activity, meaning that I’ve regularly completed a brick session in the morning prior to playing 18 holes, or played 18 in the morning and then trained on the bike in the afternoon or evening.

Perhaps I should reappraise my on days and off days … :thinking:


Well, when you are a beginner like me, you spend a lot more energy on the course…