Backstory to Coggan dig?

Anyone know the backstory to the subjectively biased comments by Andy Coggan towards SYSTM and its ethics?

Is his, and Kolie’s stance warranted?

Hoping to hear from @Coach.Neal.H.

Give a listen for a minute or so from 1:59:25.

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Google is your friend.

FTP is dead, The Sufferfest claims, and launches 4DP training - BikeRadar

Scroll down to the comment sections and you’ll find that Mr Coggan was a bit upset with Sufferfest back in 2017.

@David.McQuillen.KoS and @Coach.Mac.C have already contributed their views in those comments.

Dirk Friel from Training Peaks distanced himself from Mr Coggan too on that topic:
New Training Methodologies and the Road Ahead | TrainingPeaks

Seems like everyone has had their say in the matter and it’s done and dusted (for most)


Thank you.
Will go read what transpired 5 years ago. From the way, my interpretation, the remarks were made in this recent podcast, the wound seemed fresh. Not scarred for 5 years.

It seems some haven’t found a builder to build a bridge to get over it.


I feel no need to respond to the opinion of that podcast’s guest. The record & our contributions stand. Unlike others, I’ve never inappropriately or incorrectly attacked individuals, nor will I.


Having read the comments section now as directed above, it’s evident you don’t need to.

Hearing his remark on the podcast and now knowing the debacle of 5 years ago, it’s easy to put this puzzle together.

As I have said many times, I am here for the science. It’s good.




This is not entirely true. I clearly recall you inappropriately attacking me on a ride in Boulder on that stupid Lickskillet climb. Or maybe you just rode away from me. Whichever the case, it was unwarranted.


I suspected Sir @Coach.Neal.H might have been lying too but this just confirms it. Just one more reason why #everyonehatessirneal


He specifically said “incorrectly”

I’m pretty sure LizzieD has taught us all the power of the CORRECT time to Attack…29 times! :rofl: @David.McQuillen.KoS I hope you retaliated!


@Coach.Neal.H Following on from the semantics, care to share any anecdotes of where and with whom you have appropriately and correctly attacked individuals? You can leave out @David.McQuillen.KoS incident as he openly shared that. :grin:

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Not sure about the corporate hierarchy at sufferfest HQ, but I would have thought dropping the CSO on a climb might be a courageous move. Admirable but nonetheless courageous!!

I would certainly attack my CEO in similar circumstances but I’m approaching retirement age, which gives you a lot of freedom in the workplace!!!



I dropped my CEO on a climb once. That he was on a very heavy Full Sus MTB and I was on my Canyon Ultimate is irrelevant. I dropped him SOOOOOO hahaha. Some say it was a career limiting move.


This feels like the alternative version of Getting Away With It :joy:


Hypothetical; If you were out riding with GVA and noticed he/she was struggling, would you attack??


Yeah, it’s a lose lose either way with GvA so May as well enjoy one’s loss.


Key word here is “inappropriately “, @David.McQuillen.KoS:smirk:

This is a non sequitur. A hypothetical has to at least be in the realm of possibilities. :smirk:

I can see how it all unfolded.

The long climb levelling off briefly.

@David.McQuillen.KoS reaching down for his bidon.

The glint in @Coach.Neal.H 's eye brightening.

The sound of a gunshot echoing through the valley.

And it’s all ON. Bidon almost getting dropped. Sir Neal laughing at Sir David. And in the background, the manical cackle of GvA as he unleashes a bazzillion watt bombs and drops them both.


Bravo @DameLisa ! :joy:

You forgot about “the morning :sunny: reflecting off of @Coach.Neal.H ’s head into @David.McQuillen.KoS ’s eyes, blinding him to the suffering about to be unleashed. “


Except that Sir Neal would be wearing a helmet. Perhaps the morning sun was glinting off his smile. It’s more of an “I’m gonna kick your A” smile than a “I’m really looking forward to riding with you this morning” sort of smile. The shark/wolf in sheep’s lycra :rofl: