"Before strength" banner on ride workout

I have just started a training plan with Wahoo Systm. The plan combines both strenght and rides. My next workout contains a banner that says: “Before strength”. Should I interpret it that the ride should be done before the strength workout? I have read in some other posts that the order of the workout doesn’t matter. Any suggestion?


If the coach notes in a plan say “before strength” that’s what I’d do. If there are no notes then it doesn’t matter.


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I thought this was going to be some profound Sufferlandrian motto, e.g. “Before strength comes suffering”. :joy:


Nice. Good motto.

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Do the ride before strength training. You’ll find it works real good that way.

Thanks. That’s what I have done. However, I am a bit suprised all the strenght workouts are pretty much simply core exercises or simple squats. I would have expected something more intense involving weights or even giving the chance for using gym equipment (e.g. leg machines).

If they are part of your usual routine you can do them, the wahoo stuff will start to introduce single leg blance and side movement stuff which is good for cyclists.


@psxnl3 They are made to be simple on purpose and cater to improving core and balance for cyclists but don’t be fooled as some of the progressions can be fairly strenuous.


They’re simple on purpose but also it’s they can be done alongside the bike workouts w/out really interfering too much. Heavy strength work (like squats, deadlift) you’d need to be more conscious of periodizing and prioritizing against your on-bike. You CAN do them concurrently but there’s a give and take and you can’t always have your cake and eat it too

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