Best plans for increasing MAP and multi-day events

I started the Mountainous Fondo plan this week with event goals in mind. It’s a multi-day event/trip that won’t actually be that mountainous, but I picked this plan as it looks more engaging than the century (imperial) one.

However, I’m now thinking about my 4DP weakness; MAP (and by extension FTP). I know the ‘rule’ of needing to raise your MAP to raise your FTP, and would like to see the biggest gains there, as I’m happy with NM and AC for now at least. So my questions:

  1. Is there a ‘best’ plan for multi-day road riding where most rides will be back-to-back and at least 60 miles, or do you just pick your plan based on the event type and just increase volume to scale for multi-day ones, for example?

  2. What are the best plans for increasing MAP and FTP (excluding the MAP block)? I would guess the Crit one, but that doesn’t seem to fit my event goals at all.

  3. I picked low volume based upon time and as I already get some extra volume through commuting. Whats the best way to make those commute miles contribute positively to my progression?

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At the moment we don’t have a specific multi-day event plan, however one way of getting in a mini block would be to increase the volume of one fo your rides at the weekend. So say for example if you have an Endurance+ ride on the Saturday, make that at least 60miles. The say you have a 2 hour ride with efforts on the Sunday, make that up to 60miles after you’ve done the efforts. But be mindful of recovery for the next week and the intense sessions.

In terms of a good MAP plan, the esports plans offer a good mix of MAP and FTP focussed workouts. Just increase the volume for the weekends and do those sessions outdoors. Another option would be a customised plan.

Hope that helps


Thanks @Coach.Andy.T that’s helpful.

Apologies, I’ve just seen that someone else posted a thread hours before I did with a question on multi-day plans too.

Any suggestions for my third question/problem? Right now with commutes, I’m trying to go by RPE to keep them ~3/10 so that I can still do my workouts without any noticeable fatigue. I’m wondering if there’s a smarter way I could approach this though. They do get hard in the last couple of miles as the road tips up.