Can you manually update calendar

I am using systm to help my preparation for a Sportive- the Fred Whitton Challenge on May 2022. I am using my own periodised program at least on the first 3x4 week Base blocks. After that I’ll probably switch to a systm 12 week plan mid January 2022.

While doing base 1, I’m doing lots of weights to build power and core strength. I’m not doing the ones prescribed in the library at this stage but I probably will in my build phase. Anyway, what I’d like to be able to do is put my own strength sessions in for the record. Does anyone out there know whether it can be done?


I think you said you are scheduling your OWN workouts, not the SYSTM workouts. My mistake.

You can schedule workouts from the SYSTM library to your SYSTM calendar. Simply scroll to the workouts you want to add, click to view them, and then click on the “…” menu and choose “Add to Calendar” and pick the day.

However, you are not able to add CUSTOM workouts to the SYSTM calendar at this time. But I believe it is on the roadmap for some time in 2022.

Hi @Stevethecyclist do you mean input your own strength sessions into SYSTM which you might do at a gym or in your house. At the minute no you can’t input or output workouts that aren’t in SYSTM but that is in the works to come but no time frame yet if it’s what @emacdoug said then you should have no problems.

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Yes, that’s what I meant Thanks for clarifying.

Thank you.

That is correct, at this time it is not possible, but it is on the roadmap and will be delivered in the future. For now, you could just add a SYSTM Strength WO as a placeholder if your intention is purely just to keep a record.