Celebrity Interview with Sir David McQuillen!

Celebrity Interviews with Paul: Today Sir David McQuillen! Learn about the Tour, the Flag, and why you’ll love Norway!!!


That was fun to watch. Thank you for sharing Sir Paul!

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Thank you, Sir Paul. This interview made my morning. :heart:

Some great questions.
You are doing an awesome job and I like your relaxed style.

Please keep doing what you do (presses subscribe).

Thank you Sir Paul, for sharing the interview with Sir David.
Great job :+1:.

Awesome talk. But now I really wanna know more about that “dialing” process within your workout creation @David.McQuillen.KoS mentions about “Defender” at https://youtu.be/16Ktv0ZxgXE?t=1238 That sounds like an interesting story to me. I mean everyone can build workout blocks with some workout builder based on specific watt goals. But the actual scientific reasoning behind it and how you approach how long a block, and a recovery are … that’s interesting. Can we have another celeb talk about that @SirPaul ?


Maybe after the Tour! Did you see my interview with Sir Neal? You can learn more there are well. –

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Already watched it. Very insightful interview as well!

I have interviewed a number of Sufferlandrians:

Sir Marcus Robinson and his Ride for Racial Justice: https://youtu.be/2VQ6XWjKsMc

Polly Dawkins of the Davis Phinney Foundation and badass climber! https://youtu.be/tTp87ZuYwRA

Dame Janis Denning https://youtu.be/uZCIx09QBAw

Sir John Hoopingarner https://youtu.be/BTwKKDWyxEw and his presumptive finish of RAW

It has been so much fun and I have gotten to meet so many cool people