Joyride Rocks

Joyride rocks. It is straight to the point and the second ascending set of MAP intervals is a killer. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get through it. This was on the list for a Triple mid week short suffering of Idol, Long Scream (at 85%) and then Joyride.

In the end I did DAYT as I had a few more mins to train Tuesday, but didn’t manage Wednesdays session due to kids being sick, but managed to squeeze in Joyride on Thursday.

It is awesome, the most perfect amount of suffering. Enough to question being able to finish, especially in the second set, but the last three sets reduced just enough to make it through.

All the talk on here seems to be around the Nine Hammers, Violator etc. Joyride doesn’t get much coverage, but I think it is awesome. So straight to the point. Awesome corny story line too. @Francois-Wahoo was this one of yours? Who did the voice over for the team car driver? So funny.


Mini AVDP. Pretty sure the voice on there is the inimitable Sir Dylan Robbins, Ex of The Sufferfest/Wahoo :disappointed:


My absolute go to if I fancy a quick beating.


It certainly does!

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Joyride is definitely in my top 5 Suff videos. Workouts that make you laugh AND cry are why I picked Suff over all the other alternatives. I hope Dylan can bring his crazy spirit back to Suff some day.


I adore Joyride. Sir Dylan makes me smile. And he will always live in my head yelling “Suffer! SUFFER! SUUFFFEERRR!”


I agree, joyride is just what it says. Joy! Special little gem there :heart: