Challenge from Sir Mike Cotty..?
Note the picture


more than you

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Picture duly noted and watched the video. He was in 33x36 and out of the saddle, so what chance us mere mortals? Great video, hopefully Sufferfest workout will accompany. One for FTP?


Being out of the saddle means nothing for Mike.
I sometimes wonder why he bothers with a saddle at all but it is probably used only for descends.
I hate being out of the saddle if the intensity is not that high but he really seems to enjoy it kinda all the time.

See his Q&A:

Great videos, very inspiring stuff. I’m heading to Italy in a few weeks and will definitely be taking on some of the iconic climbs you feature. You seem to be climbing out of the saddle in 90% of the shots, does that reflect your overall actual balance between standing and sitting? I think for most recreational / amateur riders the balance would tend to go the other way; generally being out of the saddle uses more energy than sitting and spinning doesn’t it? Keep up the great work! Allan

Hi Allan,
Super happy to hear you’re enjoying the videos!
Great question and one that I’ve had come through quite a bit since we started putting the videos out. It’s funny, I didn’t realise how much I climb out of the saddle until I started editing the first vids. Everything that you see on screen is a true reflection of how I actually climb, I feel more comfortable out of the saddle (just what suits me). We film around 1 hour 15 minutes for each climb and edit to between 5-7 minutes so I definitely don’t stand up all the way. If I had to guess I’d say on longer, steeper, climbs I’m out of the saddle 65-70% of the time. In terms of efficiency I’ve found that the best way is to go with what feels natural to the individual. We’re all different, that’s what makes the world and bike riding so good. Hope that helps.
Stay well and ride safe,


I think in all of his col collective climb profiles, he marks of a Sufferfest section. Nice to see he is still doing it on the new ones!


Something to think about is he came from mountain biking and looks to keep it light when climbing. This might mean standing for extended periods of time. It’s a skill and something he likes doing. Me, I love climbing in the saddle. Knees like it better that way.