Change in rider type

For the past block of training i did an AC focus 12 weeks, improved my numbers for all 4 metrics but my rider type changed from rouleur to a time trialist which is fine as I’m training for a half ironman. I still have an AC weakness. I plugged in my 12 week half ironman program but wonder if i should continue some AC focused workouts since I’m not so hot at it or just follow the plan. My numbers are pedestrian i believe. NM 855, AC 398, MAP 317, FTP 259. This at least has me ahead of when I started last year and am not quite at using a smart trainer or Wahoo a full year yet.

The training plans take your weakness into account. Unless you really need your AC to be higher for your cycling purposes, I would just stick to the plan.

I’m no expert, but would think AC is pretty insignificant for your ironman goals. MAP and FTP seem much more relevant.