How to select start date for a plan

How do I set the start date for a plan? When I pick a plan it sets the start date as tomorrow (or today). I want to start it this Monday. If I have to go to every single workout and change them all 1-at-a-time I will not be paying for this subcription very long.

worse, it actually automatically sets the start date as LAST Monday. It gives me no method to set the start or end date. While choosing the plan it displayed a statement: “Your plan will be trimmed to fit your date selection” but it is not give me the opportunity to select a date.

My bad. I see it says it is a fixed date plan and can not be change.

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You can pick either a start or end date that suits you. Most plans start on Monday by default. If picking from end date and you want to start on a Monday you must end the plan on a Sunday, even if the event is on Saturday. No big deal to move a few things around or skip a workout on the taper week. If the plan is longer than the time time between now and the end date, it will be truncated.

What plan is this?

The problem is that you are trying to set up the Power Through the Holidays plan. That plan is unique in that it has a fixed start and end date. Pretty much all other plans allow you to set the start (or end) date to whatever day you want. For most plans, you get to the screen pictured below, but not for the Power Through the Holidays one.