Plan amount training sessions a week

Hi, I want te schedule my standard ( and available) training days when I want to make a trainingplan. Is that possible?

Yes, just pick out the sessions you want to do and add them to your calendar (the calendar comes up and you can just fit them in where you want. Also, you can change them around as and when you want by clicking on the workout in your calendar and dragging it to the day you want. completely flexible

I can do that, but what I mean is that it would be a lot easier when I am making a plan at the site, that I can say, on forehand, that I want to train x days a week, so the plan wil fit to it.

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Yep. There’s been a few threads on having more input to the plans that get generated, things like what days of the week work best and which would be best for longer workouts, etc… Also, having plans adapt to hiccups, like missing some workout due to travel, illness, etc… Certainly you can manually make changes, but you’re on your own. Here’s a recent thread: