Change to 4DP profile

My 4DP profile says im a Roulay, think the the spelling. But i wont to focus my training to TTs. How do i get a plan with this focus not Roulay focus.

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Hey @Marty_Ja, the term you are looking for is Rouleur.


Rouleur is a term of art in French cycling applied to the most well-rounded of riders. You are that rare unicorn, a master of all trades, a Swiss Army Knife. The very definition of versatility, you are able to deliver across a wide range of efforts and terrain. It takes a very specialized rider to take you, whether it’s in a sprint, on a punchy climb, or in an all-day breakaway. When everyone else falters you are the one left standing, usually on the top of the podium.

Any plan you choose will take into consideration your rider type and your strengths and weaknesses and adjust the targets of every workout you do to give you the greatest possible benefit.

If you are looking for a TT plan, go to the plan selector tool and choose one of the TT plans.

Here is what it looks like on desktop:

Check back in and let us know how you make out.


But selecting TT plan will still faver my rouleur profile and if im reading this correctly, plab to increase this area.

Your weakness is VO2. This will put a ceiling on your FTP anyway. If you do the TT plan, your VO2 will go up. That will allow your FTP to go up too. Perfect for a TT. I suspect when you re test, once you’ve managed to really lift that VO2, your weakness might change to Sustain. If you then redo the plan with your new numbers, it’ll likely have a bit more of an FTP focus, then you’ll be a force to be reackoned with on a TT.

Also worth knowing your rider profile can change. Mine varies from Sprinter (VO2 weakness) to Attacker (Sustain weakness) to Climber (switches back to VO2 weakness] as my fitness increases. The plan won’t favour your ‘Rouleur’ profile, it will target improving your strengths and resolving your weaknesses.


Thanks DameLisa and Glenn. Nice and clear.


Yeah. SYSTM doesn’t favor your identified 4DP profile. It identifies it and uses your associated strengths/weakness to tailor and optimize the plan you select to achieve your goals. For example, it identifies me as a sprinter, but my goals and the plans I select are to improve my endurance on long climbs. Not surprisingly, the plans include no work on sprinting and focus on MAP, Threshold, and Endurance.