Choose type of videos for training plan?

@cjensen Yes @DameLisa is correct that scheduled workouts will be shown. Note that to get to the workouts you have to start a ride 1st and then you will see a menu at the bottom of the screen - select workouts which is towards the left and it brings up a menu where you can select your scheduled workout. You can see mine below where I am in a taper week and have Recharger tomorrow.

It is best to do a few trial sessions of RGT if you haven’t been on the platform before. The layout is different than SYSTM and it is best to get familiar 1st and make sure that everything is connected so that you are all set when you jump on to get a workout done. Also check out the recommended specs for the platform. Graphic performance can be affected with older equipment since it is more like a video game than SYSTM.

If you have any issues there are some experts in the forum that may be able to assist.


Yeah i do this all the time on my calendar - especially for inspiration vids that I’ve seen. Go to the library and find something comparable in duration, TSS, profile, etc.

3:1 is my friend. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

Thanks - I actually have Recharger up for this afternoon as well, building up to a 4DP test this weekend. So some quiet rides this week, might be a good chance to experiment with workouts on RGT…


If I am correct? You have to make sure that your selected ride (if you are using “just ride”) is long enough to complete your workout otherwise the ride will end before the workout does. If you create your own ride then you can manipulate the number of laps to make sure the workout ends before the ride ends?

This is correct. Although heaps of the Just Rides are loops and you can ride and ride and ride. I once did 50 laps of Canary Wharf. It was very boring.


Ouch!.. and painful I should imagine?

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Yes. This has really been my chief complaint about RGT. The lack of longer, rolling routes that I can Just Ride. It’s just not realistic to ride most interval workouts up Mt Ventoux or the Stelvio. And doing that every time gets boring fast.

I know I can make my own Magic Road course, but it’s really hard to make a looping Magic Road.

I did a workout on Borrego, but it was also really boring. I did another one on Dunoon Seafront which was a little better, but still too short and got repetitive fast and the mismatch between my interval workouts and the terrain gets annoying.

Would really be nice if the terrain could be made to match the workout. That would be great. Definitely more difficult. But would be a really cool feature.


That is why I like Rouvy.