Choosing the right level of strength training with my physiotherapist


I’m finishing in a few days a long cycle of muscular reinforcement with my physiotherapist (after a loss of muscles due to a thyroid problem and some tendinous weaknesses here and there).

I would like to get back to normal by coming back to your application. I would like to discuss your strength training program with my physiotherapist so that he can help me choose the right level.

Could you tell me what your level classification is so that he can direct me to the right level?


Hi @Yannsb
Sorry for the delayed response. I recommend starting out with some individual sessions to get familiar with the variety of content. The Body Area Focus levels are 1-5 with level 1 aimed at novice users or someone that has had a long lay-off. 2-3 are more intermediate with 4 and 5 being more advanced. Full body sessions 1-6 are also entry level, with 7-13 coming in at the intermediate level and the remainder advanced.
Once you have tried a session or two (starting on the low side) I recommend applying a plan to help you with a gentle and consistent progression through the sessions.

Thank you for your response.
Can I use as a rule of thumb the following assumption, first exercise of week 3 of the strength training program:
If I pass Full body 9, can I choose level 3?
If I pass the Full body 16, can I choose level 4?
You don’t use %RM, so it’s difficult to accurately assess the right level, says my physio.

Yes, you can look at it that way for sure. Since these are mostly body wt exercises the % of max has no relevance. You’ll want to make sure that you can perform all the moves solidly. if you are able to do them but are struggling, I would stay on that level until you master it. And if you find some of the work during that level easy but some challenging, slow the easy work down to half speed. That will increase your challenge while you master the other moves. I hope you find this helpful.

This is great, thank you so much!