Coaching prices

Hi, what is the price of triathlon full distances coaching

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Hey @Akek, welcome to the forums. Looks like coaching services have been pulled from The Company’s offerings. There are 16 week full distance triathlon plans in SYSTM but if you’re looking for customization, guidance, feedback adjustments etc, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Sir Neal Henderson, the designer of many of the workouts in SYSTM does have his own company though and he’s been doing this for MANY years. Here is a link to his website:


A few of the former coaches still do customized training plans. Either multiport or cycling.


Would you be able to point the forum in the direction of any of these coaches? Maybe a short list? Neal’s coaching services with one of the old coaches starts at 350/month which is about $100-150 higher than many other coaching services.

Thank you!