In Praise of Nicole Frain and the Hobart Ride

I rode the On Location Hobart Ride today (I’ve ridden it before) and just wanted to heap some praise on Nicole, Sir @Coach.Neal.H and the rest of the SYSTM team for putting this one out there.

I’ve ridden Cadence Builds nearly 40 times, both as a No-vid and with the added vid with the speed demon of Sufferlandria which I still enjoy.

Today I wanted to switch it up a bit and recalled this one had cadence builds too (4 instead of 6)

Man! I loved this one and will 100% be swapping between this and Cadence Builds in the future.

Here are a couple of my post ride notes:

What a great sub!!!

When Nicole says we’re gonna do some cadence drills from Neal Henderson head of sport science then his evil mug shows up I gotta laugh. Seriously, I laughed out loud. That evil grin is so dang evil!

That Nicole had never done this kind of drill before made it that much more fun!

I guess this was an unavoidable issue of matching video audio and the workout but we start the first build before she even has a chance to say get ready. :joy::joy::joy:. Those cheeky timing minions!

Kickr climb engaged and woooo, that little 13% bit where we are just toodling along while Nicole is obviously not quite able to do that then says “Recovery ride my ass”!


Do yourselves a favour people and swap this one in for Cadence Builds next time it’s on the menu. Such a great vid!


Thanks for the tip. Cadence builds on calendar for tomorrow, but I’ll swap it out for a good defense, and some angels if possible :wink:. But next time it’s on schedule, I’ll try Hobart

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You do what’s gotta be done. I won’t get defensive today but I will tomorrow :slight_smile:

There’s only 4 builds in Hobart but it would be easy enough to roll back and redo the final 2. Such a beautifully shot video.