🚀 🚀 🚀 NEW IN SYSTM: On Location: Southern Tasmania 🚀 🚀 🚀

NOW IN SYSTM: On Location: Southern Tasmania!

Tasmania. Australia’s Southernmost state is one the hottest travel destinations in the world right now. Whether you’re an adventurer captivated by epic landscapes and wilderness or an epicurean drawn by world-class vineyards and restaurants, this little island on the edge of the earth has something for everyone - especially if you’ve brought your bike.

In this On Location Series, we’ll show you some of the roads which have made the area around Hobart, Tasmania’s capital city, a true paradise for cyclists. Over the course of four episodes hosted by 2022 Australian National Champion Nicole Frain, you’ll scale the heights of bucket-list climb Kunanyi/Mt. Wellington, take an easy cruise through Hobart town, smash out climb after climb along the Huon river and get some intervals in around the historic town of Richmond.

Along the way, Nicole will introduce you to winemakers, chefs and chocolate makers, take you on tours of wharfs, historic prisons and miniature towns and learn why artists, whisky makers and forest rangers love to call Tasmania home.

Here are the RGT Magic Road IDs for anyone needing copy and paste help:

  • Tasmania: Cygnet Coast Road - kIWQr8HZezGj
  • Tasmania: Richmond - GthPQjhzcrjG
  • Tasmania: Hobart City - eopYAD2synAS
  • Tasmania: Kunanyi / Mt. Wellington - yQb9ClX3PNYh


Code not working for Magic Road ive copied and Pasted the code.There are non Capitals in code.but RGT converts them back to Capitals.Also you cant copy and paste on wahoo app using android.Had to download additional app.Please Help

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These are in SYSTM, not RGT.

Here you go @Moshi_Monsters I added them to the original post.

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Thanks @Cody.Moore , you cannot type them into RGT as it does not allow lower case, you have to cut and paste from the above. Also, you can not cut and paste from the SYSTM description unfortunately (windows 10 machine)


I think it depends which platform you are using but it needs to be consistent. For example, on my iPad, I can’t copy from the ID from SYSTM but I can type it in to RGT without issue. Is the all CAPS issue with Apple TV or something else?

And BTW - I think it’s great that there are magic roads for these new workouts - Hopefully you can do the same for the other On Location and A Week With rides!


I’m using a windows 10 machine

Thankyou so Much

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Great stuff!
And the magic roads are much appreciated!

I did one on Apple TV worked great, but wish it would load to garmin like SYSTM does

These new workouts look great!

And good call having the Magic Roads already set up - it will be fun to compare the SYSTM workout with the RGT Magic Road experience!

But do we get a badge for it though?

We’re working on getting that sorted – but you can get started and any rides you do before the badge is available will still count! :slight_smile:


Yep! We’re working on it - you’ll see them gradually roll out.


Yay, I am so excited to do these. “On Location” are my favourite kind of rides on the app.


Just completed Cygnet Coast Road - a great addition to the On Location series!! Challenging, 45 opportunities to hit the power with very little rest between efforts. The 50 minutes flew by because of the pace. Video matched up well with the power and rest efforts. Amazed that Nicole Frain can talk so clearly, literally coaching you through each on/off segment while putting down that much power. Looking forward to the other videos in this series! Well Done to everyone involved in putting this together!!


I’m still trying to get to grips with RGT and these magic roads and I’m feeling daft.

Honest question: What’s the benefit of having the On Location routes in RGT? Surely you’d ride them in SYSTM so you get the actual views and commentary?

With RGT you get a real “road feel”… having the gradient change and managing shifting, cadence, power and all that. SYSTM can change the tilt of your bike (if you have a CLIMB) but the resistance curve is still fixed to whatever you set it: ERG or a particular level.

In other words, you can pick “real” scenery or ride simulation, but you can’t get both.