Complete current plan - or jump to "Preparation for Tour"?

I’m due to complete the 3 month “all purpose” programme on Systm in the middle of next week. I was also hoping to start the “Tour” training programme (which commences this week).

So, my question is: should I forfeit the remaining all purpose sessions and the 4DP next week - and just begin the Tour programme this week?

Full disclosure: I’d normally be keen to see any changes in 4DP - but I’m a bit nervous that any improvements are going to set me up for a REALLY punishing Tour programme.

I’m not looking for an easy ride - but have been working quite hard on this last 3 month block, so I don’t feel that another 2 month’s beasting will do me much good. :dizzy_face:

Cheers for any opinions

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@billpsyches I literally just dropped my 12wk all-purpose to start the ToS prep Monday. went back and forth, but they looked comparable.

i’m doing my last saturday session today, then moved the ToS prep HM to tomorrow.

good lick!

If it were me, I’d finish the 12 week plan, do the 4DP, give yourself a few days to recover, and then pick up the TOS plan next Monday.

@billpsyches Consider how you plan to ride the tour - nuclear option, focused, etc. Also consider what events you have coming up after the tour and your overall training plan.

I am in a similar position - my plan ends next week. I am planning on completing my current plan including Full Frontal. From there I will either pick up the prep plan or pick a block, make sure I have enough recovery days before the tour starts and then do the focused option.


Thanks both, you have become the devil and angel on each shoulder!
I’m not sure who is which; Cpt - you’re potentially getting me out of a gruelling couple of months, Pete - you want me to really “suffer” for my pleasure. You both have good points!


so which am i?


Honestly if the intensity and training efforts were disparate, Id finish my plan too, but like i said - pretty comparable for me, so no big change. Plus I’m only six weeks into my plan, not near FF.

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Cheers J.
I’m going for the “Get me through it” option . I want to complete all rides, ideally at 100% - but I realise I might have to rethink that part.

I don’t have any specific events or goals post the tour, that will coincide with the time I usually come out of hibernation anyway, so I’m hoping it will contribute to a slightly quicker and stronger summer of solo cycling.

Be careful, doing the full nuclear version of the Tour can be quite exhausting. You may find yourself needing several weeks of reduced training afterwards (see the Post Tour plans).

I value my current objectives over the ToS, What I did last year was to interrupt my current training plan a few days before the Tour, and did Taper Efforts and Primers (with one day in-between) before the Tour. I rode some of the Tour at 100%, and some at reduced rates. After the Tour, I took a day off, then did Recharger. I then resumed my plan.


Thanks Heretic. I’m not looking to crawl over the line, needing a big recovery; so I think I’ll heed your advice and drop the percentages. :+1: