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I have an indoor smart bike (with additional Garmin Vectors fitted) and have used it for a few years using Kinomap originally, and for the past few years by manually adjusting the magnetic brake when using TR for intervals.

The bike was sold as compatible with Kinomap… and a few other Apps, which don’t include Wahoo or TR or Zwift. The bike has BT Smart 4.0 protocol.

When i start Kinomap it somehow switches on the BT on the bike, and on my Iphone i can see the bike as a BT device, and everything works as it should… Kinomap controls resistance etc.

However, if i don’t start Kinomap, and switch the bike on, Iphone, Win10, etc cannot see the bike (using search for BT devices).

My question is, how does Kinomap manage to do this where other software can’t/doesn’t? and how can the BT of the bike not be seen by a PC/Phone etc?


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Hey @Zebra, what brand and mode of smart bike do you have? Giving some more detailed info may help if anyone else has experienced anything similar.

Most of the posts on this forum relate to SYSTM, the wahoo training app and either wahoo branded equipment and associate issues or other branded equipment and trying to get it to work with SYTM.

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Hi it’s a BH Fitness iSpada2 Racing. The PM is/was well out, hence why i fitted the Vectors.

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I have to admit I haven’t heard of this type of trainer before so likely won’t be much help.

If you run SYSTM or Zwift your Vector pedals should show up as the power output source. I’m not sure how to help you get the trainer itself to connect. Have you reached out to the BH, the manufacturer, to ask how to get Zwift or SYSTM to connect to the iSpada2?

Edit: I reread your post and see that you’re just trying to “see” your trainer’s connection on your computer or iPhone. I’m not sure I see mine in that way either and I think it has something to do with the trainer bluetooth protocol.

Have you tried to connect it to Zwift? Or Wahoo SYSTM? Or any other indoor cycling app. You might need a bluetooth dongle for your Windows PC and if the version of windows you are running is Windows 10S you’ll need to upgrade your OS to Windows 10 v 1903 or later (64 bit only). Here’s an article on BTLE troubleshooting in the SYSTM app

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Bluetooth Smart 4.0 isn’t standard Bluetooth confusingly. Bluetooth is a basic radio technology - to do anything useful with it you have to implement a profile on both the bike and whatever other device you are using.

It is likely that the bike uses the basic GAP/GATT profile, and the Kinomap app also uses this. Hence they can see each other
Any other app will be looking for the cycling specific profiles CSCP or CPP and so it can’t see the bike - they aren’t speaking the same language essentially. A BT dongle won’t help here, because the app using it won’t be looking for that older GAP profile.

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Yeah, i knew it was odd. Kind of mis-sold the bike, but i’ve lived with it and got fit/strong.

Am i correct in thinking there’s no device/dongle that can help me out?

Have you tried connecting to Zwift or SYSTM?

Also, fwiw, I suggest contacting SYSTM support and put in a formal request for help. It’s possible they have a tweak you can try.


I think you’re on the money there. Do you know if there is any sort of bridging software that i could use? thanks

Thanks I’ll give it a shot.

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I had no joy connecting my bike to Wahoo software.

But, a peloton bike+ came into the house and it seems to see my bike as a device… interesting.

Another unrelated question. With a KickR, if I connected a pair of Garmin Vectors for my power meter, would Wahoo software still be able to control the resistance on the KickR?


Which Wahoo software are you wanting to connect the Kickr to?

Wahoo has 3 apps. You should be able to connect it to the Wahoo App (aka Wahoo Fitness App) or SYSTM (sometimes called Wahoo X). You wouldn’t be able to connect it to the Elemnt Companion App unless you also have a wahoo bike computer/head unit.

The Wahoo App used to have a setting where you could use an Ant+ power meter to control their trainers but I’d never used it or felt a need to as when comparing with my own PMs there’s only ever been a difference of 1-5 watts.

The main cycling training app that wahoo has is SYSTM and SYSTM can 100% control a Kickr. That’s what I’ve got and it works perfectly.

Am I answering your questions?

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Hi @Glen.Coutts thanks for the response.

No, I’m asking if it’s possible to connect a Kickr to SYSTEM for workouts to control the resistance, but use an independent PM connected at the same time… i.e. not using the KICKR PM.

I don’t see why Vectors couldn’t be connected as a device, but i’m wondering what would happen with the resistance, would the software still control it?


So short answer is yes, then.


Edit 2: my understanding is once this is set up in the wahoo fitness app, even when using SYSTM, it will use the ant+ PM to control resistance.

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I tried ERG mode with a KICKR Bike, so your results may differ with different hardware.

It appears that using SYSTM, the KICKR Bike sets resistance based on the power level requested and uses its internal power meter to do so rather than using the pedal meter and the app adjusting resistance. Using pedal power meters which read predictably lower than the KICKR Bike’s to control and record the power led to slightly lower power for the session at the predicted levels. My Bike is unfortunately one firmware level behind, and I won’t be able to test it again until the new year, but I doubt that will change things.

Sim mode may produce different results, I’ll try that someday soon.

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@CraigM thanks for looking and trying it out :+1: