Correct power targets?

Hi all, on learning curve here… I did this sufferest today in ERG mode and in the mid section seen here with green circle the power is on the low side yet the target was 9/10 RPE and I just couldn’t get any where near that with those power targets. Is this normal ? Should I set to level mode then power away ? Thanks for any guidance here. Tim

You’ll either need to do a Half Monty or Full Frontal Fitness test to set your personal profile.

Or, you can manually tweak them in your profile.

Here’s a pic of mine. It looks like your MAP and AC and probably your NM has not yet been set

This is what the Blender profile looks like when your metrics have been properly set

Edit: and once you’ve set up your metrics, Blender is gonna feel a little, erm, different :smiling_imp:


Oh okay but I did the half Monty, seems weird no?

All your MAP values are really low for all the MAP intervals, not just the ones you highlighted. You need to check your MAP value in your 4DP. It shouldn’t be that low.

You also need to have AC values for the orange intervals.

Have you done FF? And if your MAP is that low it seems like the Half Monty didn’t get recorded correctly. Your MAP should always be higher than your FTP.


Thanks :pray:t2: values were off set them correctly and all is good :+1: