Half Monty

Why can’t I see the yellow staircase in the test? It’s hard to guess what power to aim for when the is no indication and power target shows 0

How are your current 4DP values? If you see no “yellow staircase” at all it could be your MAP value is set to 0.

Check your rider profile: More → Profile → Athlete Profile

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Yes, my MAP is set to 0. I didn’t set this, but I remember seeing it. What should I set it to?

I’m starting from scratch, since I have been “out” for more than a year

Thx by the way

You are going to have to estimate it but you need something in there that will allow you not to get to the end on the ramp before the time is up. I would under estimate your FTP a bit then make your MAP 120% of FTP, your AC about 150% of FTP and your NM about 250-300% FTP. That should give you a rough starting point


I’ll try to set the values and see if it helps.
Thank you very much for your help

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Everything works perfectly now :grin:

Thank you!