Customized training plans

Hi, I’m not sure where to follow up. I purchased a custom training plan several days ago and haven’t received any follow up. I understand everyone is busy with the ToS looming, but I’d like to get started sooner than later.


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I flagged your post and forwarded to the Minions for someone to contact you. I would follow-up with a support request to them, rather than post to the forum.

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Thanks. I thought the custom training plans were handled separate from everything else.

I actually thought there wasn’t an option to purchase customized training plans any longer and in the meantime they’ve replaced that with a Call with a Coach.

We’ll see. The link is still there and everything is updated with the new logos.

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Hey @Jdid, can you share the link, I haven’t seen it for months. Thanks!

Sure Sir Glen. Here it is: Customized Training Plans | Wahoo Fitness

Although being that I purchased it Sunday and haven’t heard anything from them yet maybe they don’t support it anymore. Which is a shame, but with all the other workouts and offerings I get it too.

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I’m wondering if you went in directly from a saved link or bookmark? All I am able to see when I go to training services from the website is Call with a Coach.

Please check back in and let us know what happens @Jdid and :100: contact the minions as @CPT_A suggests. If this is in error, they’ll get you a refund.

Edit. I’d heard that at least for the time being customized plans were being taken off the menu. That’s why I was surprised to see it.

I will definitely report back what happens.


@Jdid please follow up with an email to and they’ll help you. They have sent you 2 messages already. Please also check your spam/junk folder as their messages may have been filtered there.


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Thank you very much. I will contact them now. For some reason neither email got through.

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The emails keep bouncing back to me undelivered.

@Jdid ,
Sorry for the inconvenience


All good. Thank you. I just sent an email. I appreciate it.


Sir Glen, quick update. I have been set up with a customized training plan. Apparently there hasn’t been a lot of interest in these plans, people have been preferring the other content that is available. I’ve got it set to start after the ToS


Hey all! Just an update on the customized plans. We’ve put them on hold for the greater public, since we’re not happy with the current user experience that the client gets. Delivering the plan in TrainingPeaks and not being able to upload/download workouts to and from your computer for outdoor rides makes the user experience less than ideal. That said, for folks who have had customized plans previously, know the limitations and still want a plan, we can set you up with one. But this is really more of an insider perk than something we’re offering to the masses. Our goal is to get SYSTM up to the challenge of delivering customized plans in the future and we can re-instate the program.