Customized Training Services

Hi there,

Unusually, I’m not posting to request some informations or help, but to share my experience of the Wahoo training services.
I was spinning around it for a while, I hesitated mainly because of the language, as I’m French, and English speaking is not always as easy as writing/reading helped by all the translation online tools.
Fortunately, I think the coaches are reading all the posts here, and as I spoke once about this problem of language barrier, @WahooCoach_Corey found me a French speaking coach.
So @Coach.Rupert.H contact me first by message and we exchange some messages that permits me to explain my situation regarding my training habits and my goals, so Rupert could understand my needs.
First of all I’ve ordered the “Call with a coach” an that comforted me in the high quality level of the Training services, so I’ve then choose to order a Customized Plan. I’m returning to road racing after nearly 35 years, and I’m targeted to perform in a race in June, in my hometown. All my prerequisites were taken into account, including the fact that I wanted to do some races before, and a I have a complicated schedule because of work and family, like nearly all of us.
The follow-up is amazing, as soon as I have a problem with the plan, I know I can ask my questions, the answers are always relevant. The coach also adapts the plan to unforeseen events.

For the moment I’ve just finished my fourth week of the plan, and everything is fine. I raced one week ago and I took an unexpected third place, feeling very strong on the bike (look at this epic “surge” below :grin: ).

If you also have a specific goal to prepare, don’t hesitate, go for it !


Really happy to hear you’ve had such a good experience with our coaching team. And huge congratulations on getting a podium on your return to racing! Good luck with your target event next month!


Keep up the hard work Jérôme! Looking forward to seeing how your next few races go! :man_biking: