Default Power Value Too LOW?


I just started with my 4DP test plan, it was too easy doing 80 W and also 100W for most of the time. Do I need to change anything to adjust accordingly to my FTP?

Thanks for a help!

Welcome @Adam_Kovar!

It is very possible that the default value is too low. Do you have an idea of your FTP already? If so, you can go into the Athlete Profile (click the icon in the top left of the SYSTM app window, then select Athlete Profile), and adjust the numbers. If you only know an FTP number, then I’d suggest scaling the other numbers (MAP, AC, NM) by the same ratio as for FTP.

Another option is to do the Half Monty ramp test, which gives you a good estimate of your MAP, FTP, and cTHR numbers, and can then be used as the basis for the FTP Prep Plan workouts.


Yes I have power meter on my bike. I did this but the plan did not change

It is too low for my 280 W FTP.

Can you post a screenshot of your ‘Athlete Profile’ page, showing the 4DP numbers (FTP, MAP, etc.)? The ‘100 W’ I see in your above screenshot should be taken straight from the 4DP numbers in the app.

I just tried editing my FTP, and the workout updated with the new number. I don’t know if it behaves differently if it only has the default numbers rather than some results from a power test.

For your info, Full Frontal should be done in Level mode, so that your trainer is not trying to adjust the power to meet a nominal target.

Finally, until you get your test results, another option you have is to adjust the intensity within the workout. If the default FTP is 100 W, and your FTP is 280 W, you could set the intensity scale to 280%. This will scale all of the default power numbers by that amount. If you’re using the Desktop version of the app, the up/down arrows are shortcut keys for adjusting the intensity percentage.

I had to input all 4 metrics, now it does work fine:


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Excellent! Happy suffering!