Workouts - Average wattages?

Hi, What does the 150W mean in the workouts below? Can this be adjusted?

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Hey there @Mesh and welcome to the forums!

That is what your current/default FTP power setting is in the app. Most workouts are built around that metric but yes it can be changed by either completing one of the fitness tests (Half Monty or Full Frontal) or manually by going into the Athlete Profile.or Workout Settings

Read more about that here:

Edit: you can learn about FTP and other metrics used by SYSTM here:

Thanks Glen, I did think it was my FTP and did figure out how to manually change, but it never changed on the image I sent. However, I’ve just re-started the app and can see the correct setting :slight_smile:

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One more question – I’m planning to do a 4DP (which will kill me for sure), should this be done in ERG mode at a low gear on the bike?

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Right. Not in ERG mode or in a low gear. Use the best gear/level each interval. For example, for the MAP and FTP intervals, use a gear that will have you at your most efficient cadence for the power you’re trying to maintain. I use 90-95 rpm for these. My method is to find a gear and level that gives me ~90 RPM at the power I’m shooting for, then I concentrate on maintaining that cadence or a little better rather than chase power.

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Full Frontal, to give you valid results, needs to be done in Level mode. That said, there are a couple of folks who like to do it as a workout (NOT as a test) in ERG mode.

Full Frontal does take some getting used to and it’s worth reading abit about (and maybe even practicing some of the efforts to find what gearing and level work best for you, your bike, and your trainer). If you’ve got time, I would highly recommend the prep week, the one with the Half Monty, to give you an idea of what would be reasonable targets to shoot for on the day.

Here is a great article on how to get the most out of your Full Frontal

Thanks all.
I have been doing a bit of reading (it’s almost home time after all :slight_smile: ) and I do not think I’m at the stage in my fitness and understanding in figuring out which gears to maintain cadence/power to do the full Frontal.
So, as suggested, I will try the Half Monty, which I can do in ERG mode and build up.

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Don’t hesitate to check back here, or create a new topic, if you have any questions. There are a LOT of very helpful people here.

As for Half Monty, the ramp (steps) portion of that test is indeed done in ERG mode but there is a 20 minute portion after the ramp where you are instructed to change to Level mode as your goal is maintain your heart rate within a narrow range rather than hold you to a specific power target (as in ERG mode).

How are you using SYSTM (mobile or desktop app)? The Desktop app allows you to quickly change out of ERG mode to Level mode via keyboard shortcuts with the numbers 0-9 representing the different levels (most folks stick to levels 0-2 depending on the type of trainer they use and personal preference). You can still change to level mode in mobile, it’s just a little more messing about

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Thanks Glen - I’m sure I will have some more basic questions.

I’m using a Mac laptop for STSTM connected to Kickr v5. I’m excited to find out how the heart rate section works, as I have never done that type of training before.

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Nice! Have fun with it. I forgot to say that to switch back to ERG mode it’s the ` key beside the 1 on your Mac keyboard.

There’s some other keyboard shortcuts too that you can see by hitting F1 when you have the workout player open:

That’s what I always do. I do the HM and then follow 4 days later with the FF aiming to do slightly better the suggested power targets that resulted from having done the HM. Most often, I do the 1 week test plan, that includes the HM and FF.