A very dark place

Unsure what’s wrong with this workout but the main sets are at 150 Watts when my ftp is 230. I was expecting threshold sets!

Can you check the settings in your Athlete Profile in the app? Click the top left icon (the mountain peak in the below screen shot - yours may look different depending on your rider profile), then select Athlete Profile.

I think 150 W is the default, so it sounds like your numbers may not have been updated. How did you establish 230 W as your FTP? Was it through Full Frontal or Half Monty? If so, that should have updated your profile numbers. But there’s nothing to stop you doing it manually.

Also, is it only A Very Dark Place that is giving you problems? Or are other workouts also too easy?

No, the other workouts that ve I’ve done are far tougher and closer to my threshold. The 230 ftp actually comes from Zwift and I updated that into my settings.

The intervals in AVDP are based on your MAP, not your FTP. If you haven’t done a Full Frontal or Half Monty test yet, use an estimate (try 1.25 x FTP) for MAP and see how you get on. :+1:

More info on the different numbers that the workouts are based on here:
Learn about 4DP – Wahoo Fitness Support


Thanks for that advice. I’ll do one of those workouts to set it up properly.


Check your athlete profile in the app and see what numbers you have for MAP (and AC, and NM, for that matter).

You probably need to at least estimate your MAP before doing Half Monty or the ramp part of the test may start too low and you’ll end up with an unusable result.

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There you see your MAP is much lower than your FTP (which can’t be right by the definition of 4DP, realistically). This also explains why your AVDP intervals were around 150 W.

If you change this manually (click on “edit”) to something like @TrapMeSuf suggested, then do Half Monty, you’ll get more accurate values for you to train with.


Do Full Frontal tomorrow and it’ll all be fine after that. Or at least that’s what GvA tells me.


Another option is to choose the FF prep plan. It lasts a week, and is designed to get you ready for the test, after which you’ll have a full 4DP profile and rider type. I did this soon after starting with SYSTM, and found it very helpful.




I did the half monty and it does me my ftp was 179 after I completed the ramp test comfortably enough. I know I’m closer to the 230 mark from Zwift.

What did you adjust your MAP to beforehand?

Did you complete the entire ramp?


I completed the entire ramp, yes. I thought this would set my map?

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Actually, if you complete the entire ramp, the test is invalidated. You need to set your initial MAP value as described elsewhere and then redo the test. If you reach the final ramp, you need to increase the ‘new’ value until you can’t reach the top step. It’s interesting that you have to use initial values. I highly recommend taking the entire test as it doesn’t rely on any set values.

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What Sir @jmckenzieKOS wrote. This shouldn’t happen - if your initial MAP number had been a better approximation before the test, you wouldn’t have been able to reach the end of the ramp.

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