Difference between "Sustained Effort" and "Sustained" (Strength / Weakness)

Did my fourth Full Frontal since I began with Sufferfest exactly one year ago. I noticed something strange in my Passeport after today’s FF. My Strength is “Sustained Effort” and my Weakness is “Sustained”.

I can’t find an explanation regarding the difference between both here : https://thesufferfest.com/blogs/training-resources/an-in-depth-look-at-weaknesses-uncovered-in-your-4dp-profile

I find quite strange with my results to have a strength quoted “Your 20-minute power (FTP) is exceptional relative to your other 4DP metrics. If it’s a long haul at speed, you deliver the goods.” as I reached 303 Watts and my MAP is 384. My FTP is 79% of my MAP, this is not so exceptional I think.

Any explanation from a coach would be nice as I would like to understand.

Many thanks

Regards from Switzerland


Interesting. I did my FTP yesterday and my strength is “sustained effort” while weakness is “sustained.” Curious to see what @Coach.Mac.C can say about these strengths and weaknesses since “sustained effort” is not in the list. Thanks!

Hmmm that does seem a bit strange… could be worth contacting the minions to check that nothing has gone wrong somewhere?

Hi @Alistair_Brown and @jorrego, I did recieve the following answer from the Minions :slight_smile:

*"The Rider types are determined based on the ratios between the different 4DP metrics, and mostly how they relate to FTP. Basically, the way they relate to each other right now puts you as a Time Triallist. Each of the metrics has an expected value when being compared to FTP. Your results are very even and close to what is expected. If, for example, one of the metrics was stronger- NM was a bit higher- then it would create this situation where NM would be your strength and your rider type would change to Sprinter. Right now, all your metrics are very balanced. Sustained is your strength and your weakness, because that is the metric that everything gets compared to. *

Within the library of Sustained Efforts workouts, there is a lot of variety. Not every workout will feel the same, so despite being your weakness and your strength, some of these workouts will seem harder (working weakness) than others (working strength)."

And also the following link : Time Triallist With Sustained Weakness

I hope, that it helps to understand.


Hi @flongchamp,
Not sure what is going on here but looking into it. Could be a technical glitch. But you are correct that this does not make sense. Looking into it and will get back to you. Thanks for your post

Since you found the link to that zendesk article I hope it clears things up a bit. You may (or may not) be happy to know that this Sustained/Sustained combo is the “rarest” combo possible and to date it has only happened with 0.02% of all FF tests!
While it seems add, really this combo means that you have quite good absolute power, and are well rounded across all the other metrics. Keep up the good work/suffering!


Thank your for the explanation. To be part of a 0,02 % group is perfect for a Swiss :rofl:


I just came across this thread. I don’t know whether to be unhappy or comforted by the 0.02% result as I also have a Sustained Effort strength and Sustained weakness. That has been the case in all 9 4DPs so far (albeit my most recent was a bust and I felt horrendous and stopped halfway through the 20mins for a breather so can be disregarded).

Incidentally, I wonder if the coaches might have an opinion on this related question. MAP is often talked about as being typically 120-130% of FTP. In fact I think in FF this is mentioned, when describing what to target in the 20min effort. We also know that MAP acts like a ceiling to FTP, so if your MAP is low w.r.t. FTP you probably need to push that up otherwise FTP is going nowhere. Makes sense.

So, at what level might one consider MAP/FTP to be too low? 120%? 110%? I know it comes down to individuals and also targets, goals, etc, but typically how would a coach decide that ‘now is the point you need to really focus on pushing that MAP up a bit as you’re at the point that it is holding you back’ ?
Tagging @Coach.Jeff.H @Coach.Mac.C as you were kind enough to help out the OP.



edit: It didn’t make sense!


Yay…I’ve made it to the 0.02%…off to buy a lottery ticket now


I’m so glad that I’m not the only one coerced in to Thin Air.