Do workouts scale to individual values in your 4DP (i.e. MAP)

Hi all, coming back to SYSTM after a while but I can’t remember the answer to this question. Do the workouts scale to individual values in your 4DP? e.g., let’s say I do take a full monty test and find that my MAP has decreased 10% relative to the other 3 values… Does SYSTM then adjust the MAP-related power outputs in the workouts so I can improve my MAP, or does it just scale all 4 values collectively?

put another way, if my map sucks, will SYSTM adjust the MAP-related peaks and valleys in the workouts to help me improve that, or will it just suggest I take on the MAP building block, which has workouts geared toward MAP improvement…?

I hope this makes sense. I want to know if SYSTM is smart enough to scale up MAP at a rate greater than FTP, AC, and NM if I"m really low at MAP… 4DP is still quite awesome even if it doesn’t!


Yes, the workouts are adjusted to your 4DP profile values.



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I wrote my previous reply on the go on mobile phone, so now I want to add some reference. Here is answer to your question:

Why complete an assessment?

  • Workout targets are adjusted to your ability and for optimal training.
  • Training plans are tailored to your Rider Profile (type and weakness)

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