Don't Call It Recuperating, Call It Recovery :)

Well let’s make lemonade out of lemons.
After nice ATL accumulation and a good negative TSB last week I somehow on Monday evening (cough cough, idiot) dropped a Cuisinart chopping blade on the side of the base of my big toe. Needless to say those buggers are sharp! 15 minutes later I was at Urgent Care getting six stitches put in and now have to take about a week off the bike (wound will not heel if walked on, pedalled etc.) I hadn’t planned on a week off the bike (the most I ever miss is 3 days unless out of town) but at least my body can adapt to the training load I put on it last week (and the week before…).
So forced rest is actually a good thing, at least for me physically if not mentally.
For those who like to see that sort of thing my instagram is scotty_cycles :wink:

Wishing you a speedy recuperation. You are looking at the positives in this, noting the forced rest is a good thing for you, lets see you back stronger than ever

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Its interesting, every time in my life I was put in the situation of a forced rest, at the end of them I always felt way better physically because all the niggling aches and pains had time to heal. So I reckon a week of relaxing will do you some good.



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UGH 7 days off the bike and it will probably be a few more if I need an additional stitch or two in the two.

Okay so after 14 days off the bike waiting for my toe laceration to heal enough to ride its finally time to ride! Let’s see how well this “forced recovery” worked :wink: